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Festival of Foreign Ministry and Czech Embassy

Parliament Delegation visits Iraqi Embassy KRG

Foreign Minister Meets Swedish State Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Minister Meets American Secretary of State

Foreign Minister Meets American Secretary of State

Minister Zebari reviewed the recent developments in the Iraqi arena and security and political achievements and the challenges on the local and regional dimensions. The two ministers also talked about the ongoing negotiations on the strategic framework agreement and the security agreement and stressed the importance of the two countries to achieve stability in Iraq and the region and that the government is serious in overcoming obstacles to achieve results that respect Iraq’s sovereignty and satisfies both parties.

Both Ministers expressed satisfaction on the positive developments in Iraq’s relations with its neighbors, particularly the initiative of the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries to open embassies in Baghdad and appoint ambassadors as well as strengthen its friendly relations with Turkey and the coming visit of the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Erdogan to Baghdad