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Festival of Foreign Ministry and Czech Embassy

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Festival of Foreign Ministry and Czech Embassy

Foreign Ministry in coordination with Czech embassy in Baghdad held a festival for the 75 Anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between Iraq and Czechoslovakia on 28 October, 2008 and the fifth anniversary of delivery the first Czech Ambassador of his credentials to the Iraqi government and the ninetieth anniversary of establishing the Republic of Czechoslovakia, which was attended by many Iraqi officials and a large numbers of members of foreign and Arab diplomats accredited in Baghdad as well as the Ministry’s staff.

Foreign Minister Zebari gave a speech in the occasion, praising the historical relations that connect the two countries and the positive stances taken by the Czech Republic for the new Iraq and its contribution with the MNFI and rebuilding the self capacities of Iraq. Minister Zebari also praised the Czech embassy’s role in Baghdad and its obvious activity for supporting the bilateral relations between both countries.

Mr. Peter Vosnetsa, Czech Ambassador, also gave a speech, reviewing the significant stations in his country’s history and the history of bilateral relations between both countries, pointing out to his country’s stances towards the new Iraq and the great desire to develop the relations with Iraq in all fields.

During the festival, Ambassador Peter handed Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohammed Al Hajj Himoud, Mr. Labeed Abbawi, Foreign Ministry Undersecretaries, Ambassador Hussein Mula,Head of Europe Department, and Abdul Ammer Abu Tobiyik, medals to appreciate their stances in supporting the Czech embassy in Baghdad and strengthening the ties of cooperation and friendship relations between both countries.

Iraqi National Symphony band played the music which got the presence’s attention and a lunch invitation was held at the end of the ceremony in the honor of the participants.