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Foreign Minister Meets Swedish State Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Minister Meets American Secretary of State

Visa Services

Entry Visa Regulations

Entry Visas are to be granted by Iraqi Missions abroad to each of the following

  1. Personnel and their families working in diplomatic missions in Iraq as well as Arab, regional and International organizations accredited to Iraq
  2. All official delegations from various countries visiting Iraq.
  3. Businessmen provided that they have official invitations from Iraqi authorities or being introduced as such by their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs and are supplied with letters from the Chambers of Commerce
  4. Students pursuing their studies in Iraq after presenting documents indicating that they are still following their studies.
  5. Truck drivers after presenting proofs that they are carrying materials and equipment for companies working in the re-construction of Iraq
  6. Iraqi husbands and Iraqi wives after presenting legal documents supporting their claims.
  7. Journalists and public media personnel after submitting applications for Visa either through Iraq’s missions abroad stating the name of which Iraqi mission they want to receive their Visa or through the office of their respective newspaper, news agency or Satellite TV in Baghdad with a letter directed to the Press Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) indicating the name of the Iraqi mission abroad through which they want to receive their Visas, or through the journalist’s Embassy in Baghdad with a note to the Press Department/MFA requesting the Visa and indicating the name of the Iraqi Embassy from which the journalist would like to receive his/her Entry Visa.
  8. Entry Visas are granted to members of NGOs on condition that the official Iraqi authority presents a letter to MFA approving its relation with the respective organization.
  9. Nationals of Coalition countries and countries participating in the multi-national forces (USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Holland, Poland, South Korea and Japan) and any country participating with more than 50 troops in the MN force and as follows: